Musculoskeletal Screening (MSK)


MSK Screening (Musculoskeletal Screening) involves a thorough assessment of your muscles, bones and supporting structures against the demands of your sporting / lifestyle objective.  MSK Screening offers particular value if you are looking to:

  • increase your level of physical activity
  • resume sport/activity after a break
  • try something new
  • prevent injuries (especially for those with an injury/condition history)

These screenings will give you knowledge and understanding of your current status.  We will make specific recommendations in relation to your situation such as:

  • specific strengthening exercises/stretches to address weaknesses and imbalances
  • technique modification
  • management of training/competition workload (frequency / intensity)
  • utilisation of strapping / braces / taping
  • appropriate use of hot packs / ice packs and anti-inflammatories

Many referrals for MSK screening come from sports coaches, and from GPs when clients have expressed a concern about changing their level of physical activity in a work or personal context.  With your approval we work closely with referrers as a part of your personal “team”.